Caring Seed Packets

An Inexpensive and Thoughtful Way to Make a Positive Impact on Attendees for Future Pre-Planning's

"In Loving Remembrance Forget-Me-Knot" Seed Packets

You would NEVER consider walking around handing out your business card during a visitation, unless someone requested one. Nor would your family service counselors be allowed to give theirs out at the committal service/grave side, even though it might be something you would like to do. How can you accomplish the same objective, but in a positive, thoughtful manner?

The Answer is "In Loving Remembrance Forget-Me-Knot Seeds"

Many legends claim the naming of this delicate, yet beautiful flower. But all the tales converge with the power and memory of love. We hope you'll take these seeds and plant them in a place dear to you. As they grow and bloom, remember those whose love remains. When Family and Friends are given a GIFT, it is appreciated by them and it makes you shine. The "In Loving Remembrance Forget-Me-Knot Seeds" is that gift.

Families and friends will line up to receive their seed packets, and usually will ask to have more than one. I know. My family service organization has been offering them for years at the end of each committal service. You must remember all those in attendance are possible prospects for pre-planning.

Now, in a positive and inexpensive way, you are able to make an impact on those in attendance. Personalize the seed packet with your personal name and phone number by hand writing it, or using a small sticker with your information printed on it.

You have just accomplished your objective. Order today!

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