Caring Organizer

A Collection of Prewritten Letters for Handling the Business Details After the Loss of a Loved One

What is the Caring Organizer Binder?

The Caring Organizer binder contains 49 prewritten letters to handle notification and business affairs with insurance companies, driver license bureau, magazines, etc.

What is the Caring Organizer USB Flash Drive?

The USB flash drive contains all the prewritten letters that are in the binder, but all can be easily accessed from a computer. The best feature of the USB flash drive is the information page where the information for each letter is input just once and all the requested letters come out filled in with the information printed out.

How do I use the Caring Organizer binder or Caring Organizer CD and USB Flash Drive?

These tools should be used in family follow-up situations. Every follow-up/after care packet should contain the USB flash drive , CD or binder. When these tools are used effectively it will be a true value to your families and to the extended family.

How do I get started?

Simply call one of our representatives at 866.269.0681 or visit our order page to directly place an order.

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"Every family needs to have this CD available to them."
Caring Organizer

"What a blessing to have someone to speak to that really listened to how I was feeling."
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