My Personal Planner

A Collection of Prewritten Letters for Handling the Business Details After the Loss of a Loved One

My Personal Planner

Over the years, many different planners have been created; all have some valuable pages and information within them. So why did I put together a new one?

For years I have used the I.C.C.F.A.'s Emergency Planning Guide, never really caring for the name, but it worked. I also never cared for the way it looked. It did not have eye appeal. Today's customers think if it does not look good, it must not be good, or of value. I knew if I was going to offer a planning guide, it would need to be counselor and family friendly, as well as inexpensive, but not look so.

I truly believe "My Caring Organizer" Personal Planner, when properly presented, will increase your closing rate, and help you to obtain more referrals. My Caring Organizer" Personal Planner comes with a training guide and presentation guidelines.

Shipped 100 to a case, the price is only $275 per case. A larger order discount will apply. If ordering in large quantity to get better rates, please call 866.269.0681 to request a quote. Otherwise please use our online ordering form here on our website.

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"Every family needs to have this CD available to them."
Caring Organizer

"What a blessing to have someone to speak to that really listened to how I was feeling."
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